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Do you like Goblins? Magic? We create epic fantasy stories retelling the Scottish myths and legends, and inventing new ones! Become an investigator for the Scottish Magical Activity Bureau in modern Edinburgh, or don the cloak of a powerful wizard near medieval Loch Ness. And most importantly let your imagination run wild!

We run our games using a custom light set of rules - but can also run D&D 5e on request. All our pre-set games last 2h - contact us directly for longer games!

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An abandoned and walled-in wizard house. A key to the safe inside that house. And a dodgy contact who promised that you could keep all the treasure you can find, if you can sneak-in, and leave the doors when you leave...


Multiple people have gone missing in the hamlet of Lenie. As the population accuses the Monster of the Loch, some whisper that it may be tied to something a lot more sinister. Who took the villagers, and is there any way to save them?

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Man and Dragon




When a dragon steals the diamond necklace of Duke Von Buiskuit, he first sends his A team. Then his B team. Then his C team...Then you. Will you be able to dashingly steal back the diamond? Or will you get captured by the supremely intelligent team of goblins guarding said dragon?


You've been living the high life as the cherished poodles of the Countess of McIggis. However her daughter recently got a cat. Only one solution to decide who will get full control of the Castle: Street Racing in the corridors.


You had the perfect plan: step 1 - sneak into the village; step 2 - steal some pumpkin; step 3 - make the most amazing pumpkin pie for Sauran, your dark overlord. Except you stopped at the bar on your way to step 2, and you've now woken up inside said pumpkin in a strange pantry. And you have a nasty feeling that you may be dinner.


GAME OF THE WEEK - each week a brand new game for only £12 per player.


The Halloween pyjama party winds down. The pumpkin is set aside and your parents have gone upstairs to sleep. You’re 10 years old and you and your friends have just pulled the biggest heist of your young careers: squirreling away the Game Boy for a wild night of illicit and epic gaming. 


It starts with just the light in the corridor going down. Then a flicker in your room. Soon all electricity shuts down. Only the Game Boy is left. Slowly blinking. Levels rush under your fingers. But as Mario grabs the last Star, your screen goes red. And between the buttons of the d-pad, drops of blood drip onto your bed. Tell me kid, do you want to play a game?

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Do you want a longer game? Or maybe something different for your stag night?

Contact us at - We will create a custom adventure for you and your friends (one-shot or long campaign), in the genre of your choosing (horror, comedy, etc.).


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