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Thunderdices invites you to learn history while gaming! Meet the people who shaped our world, solve mysteries and investigations, and fight and wander online or offline among the streets of the world capitals. Based on historical events and facts and with insights from our partner Historians, you can now come and play to be guided in a different way through History.

What is Historical Roleplaying?

Historical Role-Playing Game is a mix of improv theater, an audio book and a guided tour.
During a session, an actor named “Game Master” narrates a story based on a key Historical event. They introduce historical context (important dates, etc) through musics, maps, engravings and photos to allow the event to take place in your imagination. But as a participant, or Player, you also become a major part of the event that is taking place!

You play a character (doctor, soldier, etc) and your guide-storyteller embodies other characters who interact with you.  Similar to a Choose your own Adventure book, you make decisive choices during the game, like fighting or hiding from the soldiers who seek to capture you, or going to ask for information from this gruff sailor or this overworked barman !

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Tours & Détours d’Edimbourg and Thunderdices invite you to discover Scotland and its history through HistoryAlive! and dive into the daily life of XVIIIth Highlanders ! Meet Bonnie Prince Charlie and help him escape from the Redcoats after the crushing defeat during the battle of Culloden, which put an end to the hopes of Jacobites.

During a hard journey through the wild lands of Scottish Isles, you will need to protect the Prince and find a ship to allow him to flee to France. Travel on troubled waters, unfold plots and interact with the people who made the history of Scotland! We offer 2 modules of 2 hours for a total of 4 hours of play if you wish to live the whole story.



After being defeated during the battle of Culloden, you are looking for your chief, leader of the Jacobite rebels, Prince Charles Edward Stuart, or « Bonnie Prince Charlie », who has escaped and now hides among villages in the Highlands, as far as possible from English patrols. And you heard a strange rumor, asserting that the Prince is in Balivanich, the main city of the Benbecula island. Will you find the Prince before those bloody Recoats?


You have found Bonnie Prince Charlie... but your quest is not over. Now, you need to find a ship to take the Prince to France, where he will finally be safe. As Skye Island appears in the mist, your ally, Flora
McDonalds, informs you of a secret meeting with one of her contacts, which would take place among ancient Scottish ruins...

THE FULL ESCAPE (PART 1&2 - 4H - Experienced Players)

Experience the full story during an epic 4h game!


Paris is roaring, Paris is hungry, Paris is on the verge of riot. The Etats-Généraux summoned to Versailles since last summer to solve the kingdom's tax problems have raised other questions. The poor harvest of 1788 raised fears of a famine. When popular finance minister Necker was fired on July 12th, riots broke out across the capital. Discover in these game modules the little-known story of a French revolution that does not come down to the Bastille alone. Become a prisoner of the Invalides, a revolutionary at the Palais Royal, or a negotiator in the Bastille! We offer 3 modules of 2 hours for a total of 6 hours of play, allowing you to discover the history of France while having fun.




July 12 begins for you and your friends with a chase over the rooftops of Paris. Last night, you dared to insult a noble who mocked the people and their demands for bread. He didn't like it and you are now being pursued by the Police. There is only one solution: try to hide in the meanders of the shops of the Palais-Royal. After all, it is a place dedicated to leisure, and you should be safe there ...?


Two days later, you are imprisoned in the jails of the Invalides. But the crowd is gathering in front of the doors of the military hospital and trying to break its doors. Can you escape? And why not kill two birds with one stone and steal some weapons for the Revolution in the process?


The Invalides were looted by protesters. While they were able to get cannons, powder and ammunition are still lacking. The crowd, gathered at the foot of the town hall, has asked the Councillors for them but they refused. Quickly a rumors swell. There would be some in the Bastille. And you have been selected to be part of the troop negotiating the surrender of the fortress.

PART 2+3 (4H) FULL REVOLUTION - Experienced players

Experience the French revolution in full by playing the whole of July 14th 1789



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