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At Thunderdices, we are storytellers - and we can help you share your story with your customers and your visitors. We can create for you online and offline immersive experiences to help you build your brand, retain clients and create unforgettable customer experiences.

Our solutions can adapt to:

1. Private-sector companies - from a striking pop-up game part of a marketing campaign, to a recruitment tool.

2. Museums and castles - from interactive digital visits, to recreating within your location an historical event, period costumes included.

3. Schools, universities and learning centers - we can share with you the gamification tools to engage with a connected youth, where digital and gaming has become the norm.

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Interactive visits

During the time of a visit, tourists become part of history and can shape the elements shared by the guide. We can build for you the scenarios of visits, create the props and systems (cards, music, etc.) to help visitor interact with your space, and train your guides.

Live-Action Game

We will create a scripted 1-day event where visitors will don capes and swords to solve a mystery, and in doing so, talk with actors playing weavers, knights and farmers, and learn about the history of your location.

Roleplaying Games

Do you like our online HistoryAlive! games? We can build the same roleplaying modules for you, so your team can remotely showcase to your visitors your museum or your location!

Treasure trail

The Duchess of Summerland has stolen rubies and hidden them in the garden of the castle. A cunning fairy has hidden a 50% discount voucher somewhere between the shelfs of your shop. To locate this treasure, your visitors will need to cross your location and solve small puzzles, and in doing so, will discover your brand.

Escape Room Items

Trapped in a rigged secret lair, with only 1h before the whole space explode – how will your visitors escape? We can develop fun and adrenaline fueled escape room games for all ages in a pop-up format.

Murder mystery

A staged murder, and up to 7 players, each with motives and alibis, to discover who killed the victim. We develop the scenario and our Game master is here to provide the players with tips and puzzle as they crack the mystery. Murder mysteries and escape rooms can often be combined.

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