Easter Heist

This weekend, gaming was wild! A 3 game full easter themed heist met an epic conclusion in a naval race and a fight against a giant kraken.

Below the summary of the plot...

Jalia dipped the bottom of her quill in the dark ink, pushing piles of papers and a dangerously tilted candle with her elbow. She had been working on this study for weeks now, and it was finally time to put words to the secrets she had learned. She shivered under her black robes, a gust of wind from a half opened window raising the edges of her carefully unfolded parchment.

“Little is known about the 600 years before Igor Bunny rose to fame as a one of the biggest philanthropist of the millennia, delivering chocolate to thousands of non magical human children of the material plane. He was born on the outskirts of Bashq, last son of an extended family of halflings. The few testimonies I was able to find describe tales of a turbulent childhood, and piracy in the southern islands. But his true story starts when he decided to build a team of “rabbits”, thieves and sorcerers from his smuggling network, to steal the egg of Kraa. The egg was the crown prize of the bi-centennial Umur flying ship race. A long lost treasure from the ancient ages of undisclosed powers, and part of an 80.000 gold reward for the race winner. The egg was rumoured to...”

Jalia tipped forward, her head hitting the table with a muffled thud. A knife was embedded into her neck, and blood slowly dissolved the words she had just shared.

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