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Sherlock Holmes detectives in Scotland




To 221B Princes Street, 



What inspired Arthur Conan Doyle to invent Sherlock Holmes? How did Edinburgh influence the famous detective? Did you know that the Sherlock's deductive process was based on Arthur Conan Doyle's medical studies at Surgeons' Hall? During this private tour, you will follow the author's footsteps through the winding streets of Edinburgh. You will discover the city in the 19th century and learn more about the medicine and justice of the time, and the crimes and murderers that fed the imagination of the young doctor's apprentice to create one of the greatest detectives of all time.

Elementary” you may say?


Join us as we navigate the intriguing connections between the city's historic sites and the legendary detective stories. What sets this tour apart? Your guide will not only share captivating stories but will also challenge you with puzzles inspired by Sherlock Holmes himself.

Tour Highlights:

  1. Edinburgh's Dark Alleys: walk through the narrow and mysterious closes and wynds of Edinburgh's Old Town, where shadows hide secrets waiting to be uncovered. Your guide will present new puzzles, challenging you to solve them using the detective's methods.

  2. The Royal Mile: Stroll along the historic Royal Mile, discovering the locations that served as inspiration for the Sherlock Holmes adventures. Engage in a lively discussion and solve puzzles related to the characters and events that unfolded on these historic streets.

  3. Greyfriars Cemetery: Discover how body snatchers used to steal bodies from the cemetery and how Burke and Hare inspired Conan Doyle

  4. Grassmarket: at the bottom this 15th century market, hangings took place, and their ghosts fueled Conan Doyle's mysticism and beliefs in the after life


  • 2h Private Guided tour

  • Sherlock Holmes puzzles*

*Note that we can host the puzzle version of the tour for up to 10 people. Above 10 people, you will need to either split the group with multiple guides or have your Sherlock Holmes guided tour without puzzles


  • 1 guest - £175 per person

  • 2 guests - £88 pp

  • 3 guests - £58 pp

  • 4 guests - £44 pp

  • 5 guests - £35 pp

  • 6 guests - £29 pp

  • 7 guests - £25 pp

  • 8+ guests - £23 / contact us for groups over 15 pax

  • Free for children under 3


Dress code: 

Wear warm clothes and comfortable shoes. Cloaks, and deerstalker hats are of course welcome! 

Raincoats or umbrellas are recommended. 


What to bring with you? 

Bring your confirmation, in your phone or printed to be checked by the guide  


Departure Meeting point: 

In front of Maggie Dickson's Pub, 92 Grassmarket, Edinburgh EH1 2JR, UK  


Additional Info: 

Look-out for our guides, you can’t miss them, they will be wearing a deerstalker or a bowler hat! 

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