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Scotland is a land of Wizardry and its legends have inspired multiple writers and creators. Harry Potter was invented in Edinburgh by JK Rowling. During a guided tour in Edinburgh or a roleplaying game (also available online), become part of the myth !


Full wizarding Day

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Delicious potions workshop


Alchemy Workshop


Harry Potter tour

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Wand-making workshop


Wizard Roleplaying Games

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Have you always dreamed of joining a wizarding school? Children and adults alike can participate in a private hot chocolate potion workshop and become a true Master of the Potions during an immersive experience at The Lost Close! Miss McDernott will be your wizarding guide and will show you all the steps to make a complex potion. Summon ghosts by making your own candy floss, sculpt bones and delicious mummies, paint your own cookies, and most importantly, brew your own hot chocolate and try to solve the mysteries of the classroom.

At the end of the activity, you’ll take away a cauldron mug to continue the adventure at home!

Please note, young wizards (under 18) must be with an adult.

Duration: 1h20

Price: £255 per group until 5 people, +£48 per additional participant

Children under 4 can enjoy a more traditional hot chocolate with pumpkin mallows for £4.50.

Hungry? You can end your day with a meal at cafe KONJ.

Location: 67 Home St, Edinburgh EH3 9JP

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Deep within the Castle's library, you have found old notes from Nicolas Flamel detailing his first attempts at creating the Philosopher’s Stone.  Unfortunately, most of his writing seems to have been damaged beyond repair, but you’ve managed to salvage the first step of the recipe: a couple of scraps of paper detailing a "Potion of True Luck". With end of the year exams around the corner, you and you friends decide to attempt brewing it. Unfortunately, you are missing 3 key ingredients to complete it and the only way to get them seems to be to steal them from the potion classroom’s pantry... 

During this interactive chemistry workshop, you will create your own potion, guided by a Potion Master. Create monstrous slimes, participate in a mini escape game, discover colour-changing ingredients, and enjoy many other experiments. At the end of the activity, bring with you your own potion to continue the adventure at home!

Duration: 1h20

Price: £255 per group until 5 people, +£48 per additional participant

Please note, young wizards (under 18) must be with an adult, and over 7 years old. All chemicals used during the workshop are non-toxic and suitable or children.

Location: 26-28 Home St, Edinburgh EH3 9LZ

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Creating your own wand is a complex thing, and you must be sure that it is the right one for you. During this workshop, learn how to create your own wand! Select your wood and your wand core, before painting its handle. During this 1h DIY activity for both children and adults, enjoy all-you-can-drink hot chocolates, coffees and teas, and let yourself be carried away by the magic.

Duration: 1h00

Price: £245 per group of up to 7 people, +£16.5 per additional participant

Please note, young wizards (under 18) must be with an adult and over 7 years old, as hot glue guns are being used (protective gloves provided).

Location: 26-28 Home St, Edinburgh EH3 9LZ



Did you know that Voldemort has a grave in Edinburgh cemetery? Or that the Patronus of James Potter comes from a Scottish legend? When she wrote Harry Potter, JK Rowling had just moved to Edinburgh and was inspired by everything she saw around her. During this private tour, you will follow her footsteps and discover more of the behind the scenes of the magic. You will learn both anecdotes about both Harry Potter and the life of its author while discovering all the hidden spots of Edinburgh - which are strikingly similar to the world described by JK Rowling.

Duration: 2h00

Prices: £ 120 / 136€  per group up to 7 people (contact us for bigger groups)

Please note, young wizards (under 18) must be with an adult.

Meeting Point: i-Centre, 249 High St, Edinburgh EH1 1JY

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Grab your cape and your wand and become a wizard during a 2h roleplaying game! You will need to complete a mini escape game, solve puzzles, and talk to the teachers and students of Alnwick castle to find clues, fight or make friends with fantastical animals, and most importantly, get carried away by the magic in this roleplaying game hosted by bard and witch Miss McDernott.

Enjoy this exciting mix of escape game, Dungeons and Dragons and board games with all-you-can drink coffee and tea, with two scenarios to choose from:

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After the defeat of the Dark Lord, you're contacted by the Magical Government to get a hold of a stone granting eternal life, apparently forgotten and lost in the castle's forest after the final battle. In this game, you will go deep within the forest, and sneak into a long forgotten cave...



You're well known as the biggest pranksters in the whole castle, and tonight you want to pull off your biggest surprise to date: turning each one of the castle’s common rooms into a swamp! But will you manage to avoid the teachers patrolling the corridors, and make it by sunrise?

Duration: 2h

Price: £200 per group of up to 7 people

Please note, young wizards (under 18) must be with an adult, and over 7 years old.

Location: 26-28 Home St, Edinburgh EH3 9LZ

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Grab your wands and your brooms, the adventure begins!

You've heard rumours that the Dark Lord is rising again and now the Magical Government has fallen. The prophecy claims that unless the Potion of Power is brewed, he shall stand undefeated. The only problem is the Potion's recipe is a secret guarded deep within the Selkies Bank's vaults. Steal the recipe, brew the potion, and sneak into the Dark Lord's hideout. Nothing can go wrong, right?

Start your day by retracing the steps of JK Rowling and discover the places which inspired her when she created Harry Potter. After the private tour, warm yourself in one of the most haunted pubs in Edinburgh, and learn its secrets as you enjoy a delicious Scottish meal. Participate in an escape game at the Department of Magic, before heading for an Alchemy workshop and roleplaying game for the rest of the afternoon.

Duration: 6h

Price: £590 group of 5 maximum – private tour, all included

Please note, young wizards (under 18) must be with an adult, and over 7 years old.

Meeting Point: Edinburgh I- Centre 249 High St, Edinburgh EH1 1JY

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