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Do you like the art on this website? Or did you enjoy the maps and music during our games? All credit goes to the insanely good artists mentioned below - go check them out and support them on Patreon just like we do !

Enmanuel Martinez Lema

3) forest dragon mid 2.jpg
island art.jpg

Enmanuel Martinez Lema is a Freelance Graphic Designer, Concept artist and Illustrator based in Bogota, Columbia.


You can find his art in the FantasyGrounds pages of our website but also during our games.

Afternoon Maps


Neil creates each month for his Patreons between 2-4 gorgeous battle maps, along with some fun ideas on how to use them in a gaming session.

You can find some of his maps during our roleplaying games.

2-Minute Tabletop

Docks of the Dead  - Base map - Day - To
Woodland Nexus - Midgard - 22x16.jpg

Ross McConnell is an Australian artist who creates superb gaming maps full time on Patreon. He also builds tokens for roll20, and assets to create your own maps.

You can find some of his maps, his assets and his tokens during our games.

Tabletop Audio

Music Performance
Pipe Organ

Tabletop Audio  is the premier, advertising free / free-to-use, user supported ambient game audio site on the web. It has been nominated for the prestigious ENnie awards every year since it's launch !

All our games use their enchanting music.

Tom Cartos


Tom Cartos is a ttrpg cartographer for dungeon and dragons.

You can find some of his maps and assets in our games.

James RPG Art

Burgomasters Mansion.jpg
Dungeon Entrance.jpg

James is an amazing artist creating animated scenes and artworks for D&D. 

You can find his animations in our games

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