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More than anything else, Thunderdices, is the story of two ladies and two friends: Althéa and Marie, who are both passionate about stories and history!

Dissolving the boundaries between tour and experience, we invite you to join us on immersive adventures off the beaten track thanks to the magic of gamification and storytelling tools.

Our guides are not just experts; they are lively actors who breathe excitement into the narratives, creating exclusive interactive theatrical experiences for our groups. Picture us exploring medieval castles, uncovering secrets in underground prisons, or sharing laughter in local pubs, all against the backdrop of Scotland's fascinating history and legends.

In our pursuit of immersion, we pull out all the stops – sets, costumes, role-playing, puzzles, experiments, music, and more. Every detail is crafted with care, whisking you away into a world where history isn't just a tale but a living, breathing experience.

We were delighted to see our approach validated by the THA award which was presented to us by our peers and colleagues, and of course by you!


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Initially Marie worked as a consultant in open innovation and gamification in France. However, 8 years ago Marie decided to leave everything behind to write a book and do a hitchhiking tour of Scotland... and she never left ! In love with the legends and history of the Highlands, she retrained and became a tour guide in a haunted castle in Fife. Between old stones, a passion for roleplaying games and a thirst for history, she decided to create Thunderdices to share her love of stories.


With a backgroung in History/Art History and Cinema, Althea is an accredited guide in French and English specialised in cultural event management and heritage. After leading guided tours of several French châteaux, notably in Burgundy and in the Loire Valley, she decided to go on new adventures and set off for Edinburgh in 2020. She can't wait to share her passion for history and tell you Scotland's secrets and wonders!


Born and raised in Edinburgh, Jack's background in literature and flair for the theatrical has made him fully equipped to share his passion for the city he grew up in. Whether it's retracing the steps of famous writers, lamenting Edinburgh's historical tragedies, or retelling the stories of its comedic characters, Jack is always raring to go at the point where education and entertainment entwine.

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