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Historical Holidays in Edinburgh



An ancient Celtic land of history and legend, Edinburgh became the capital of Scotland and is world known for its heritage, its history and as a cultural stage. The city offers a juxtaposition of two UNESCO-listed sites with the Old Town, the birthplace of the city with Hollyrood at its feet and the medieval fortress at its summit; and the New Town, a jewel of Georgian new-classicism from the 18th century.

Fancy a gateway to the city? We offer you have a range of guided tours and interractive activities to help you discover or rediscover the history of Scotland's capital and unlock its secrets


Old Town Tour


Historical Games 


Edinburgh Discovery Tour

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New Town Tour

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Sherlock Holmes Tour

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Stay in a medieval castle near Edinburgh


Private Discovery Tour: Edinburgh: Strange and Secret History 
in English or French 

On this walking tour of Edinburgh's historic centre, start at the bottom of Castle Hill and then wander through the streets of the Old Town, discovering its history, monuments, pubs and characters ! Then finish your tour in the New Town and discover the secrets of the Athens of the North.

Come and explore Edinburgh for this 2h tour with our guide who will present you the main sites of the city centre !


Duration: 2h00

Price: £165 per group up to 7 people, + £16.5 per additional participant 

Please note, young highlanders (under 18) must be with an adult.

Meeting Point: In front of Beehive Inn, 10 Grassmarket, Edinburgh, EH1 2JU

Don't forget to bring a rain coat or an umbrella!

Discovery Edinburgh

Private Tour: Edinburgh: History, Murder, and Mysteries in Old Town
in English or French

Beyond the city walls lies the end of the world. 


Climb Castle Hill during this 2h tour with our expert guide and immerse yourself in the history of Edinburgh's Old Town, step by step. On this tour, discover the hidden gems and closes of the historic centre, follow in the footsteps of Mary Stuart from Hollyrood Palace to the medieval fortress, and step into the history of the Scottish monarchy and the daily life of its inhabitants. Discover anecdotes and meet the characters who have fuelled the city's tales and rumours...

Duration: 2h00

Price: £165 per group up to 7 people, + £16.5 per additional participant

Please note, young highlanders (under 18) must be with an adult.

Meeting Point: In front of Scottish Parliament Building, Edinburgh, EH99 1SP

Feel free to bring your cape or umbrella!

Old Town Tour
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Private Tour: Edinburgh: Romanticism and
Georgian Era 

in English or French

Why do we call Edinburgh the Athens of the North? What led the city to plan and build the area that is today the best preserved and the largest example of Georgian architecture in the world?

During this 2h tour, walk in the streets of this 18th century World Heritage district, an area built as Edinburgh became the beating heart of innovation in the UK and at the forefront of the Enlightenment philosophy and new-classicism. ​

Learn about the world-renowned scientists and authors who were born in or visited Edinburgh, discover the lovely Dean Village and enjoy the breath-taking views of the city from Calton Hill!

Duration: 2h00

Price: £165 per group up to 7 people, + £16.5 per additional participant

Please note, young highlanders (under 18) must be with an adult.

Meeting Point: In front of National Records of Scotland, 2 Princes St, Edinburgh EH1 3YY​

Don't forget to bring a rain coat or an umbrella!

New Town Tour
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Private Sherlock Holmes Tour
in English or French 

What brought Arthur Conan Doyle to invent Sherlock Holmes? How did Edinburgh influence the famous detective? Did you know that the Sherlock's deductive process was based on Arthur Conan Doyle's medical studies at Surgeons' Hall? During this private tour, follow the author's footsteps through the winding streets of Edinburgh. Discover the city in the 19th century and learn more about the medicine and justice of the time, its crimes and murderers that fed the imagination of the young doctor's apprentice to create the greatest detective of all time.

Elementary” you may say?

Come and explore Edinburgh for this 2h tour with our guide who will tell you all about this particular case to help you solve the greatest mystery of all : the detective himself.


An original and unique tour of Edinburgh as you've never seen it before to hear new stories and anecdotes about the city that has continued to inspire artists and visitors !


Duration: 2h00

£ 165 per group up to 7 people , +£16.50 per additional participant

Please note, young dectives (under 18) must be with an adult.

Meeting Point: 87 Grassmarket, Edinburgh EH1 2HJ, UK

Feel free to bring your cape and deerstalker hat!

Sherlock Holmes Tour

Outlander and Jacobites: Private Historical Immersive Storytelling Experience in Edinburgh
in English and French

France and Scotland were part of the Auld Alliance, a pact made in 1295 against the English. In 1745, Bonnie Prince Charlie and the Scottish Jacobites rise against the English oppressing them.

While in 1789, the French people rise and get weapons, to the Bastille!

Join us in a hidden underground prison at the heart of Edinburgh for a 2h interactive story and mini escape game to learn about the revolutionaries who shook both countries. You will be in full immersion: a costumed actor will welcome you and narrate the events.

During this story built in partnership with historians, you will learn about how people lived in the 18th century. You will also be faced with choices that will impact directly how History unfolds. Will you talk to local revolutionaries? Crack puzzles left by smugglers? How will you escape the police? Find clues and witnesses to win the revolution, and  discover historical facts while having fun!

Prices: £254 per group until 3 people, +£44.5 per additional participant.
We include in our games a large magical spread of sweets and drinks.

Please note, young time travelers (under 18) must be with an adult.

Meeting Point: 1A Parliament Square, Edinburgh EH1 1RF - Also available online!

Historical Game


Image by Yerko Lucic


Image by Suganth


After being defeated during the battle of Culloden, you are looking for your chief, leader of the Jacobite rebels, Prince Charles Edward Stuart, or   « Bonnie Prince Charlie », who has escaped and now hides among villages in the Highlands, as far as possible from English patrols. And you heard a strange rumor, asserting that the Prince is in Balivanich, the main city of the Benbecula island. Will you find the Prince before those bloody Recoats?



You have found Bonnie Prince Charlie... but your quest is not over. Now, you need to find a ship to take the Prince to France, where he will finally be safe. As Skye Island appears in the mist, your ally, Flora
McDonalds, informs you of a secret meeting with one of her contacts, which would take place among ancient Scottish ruins...

Image by Tobias Kleeb
Mountainous Region




July 12 begins for you and your friends with a chase over the rooftops of Paris. Last night, you dared to insult a noble who mocked the people and their demands for bread. He didn't like it and you are now being pursued by the Police. There is only one solution: try to hide in the meanders of the shops of the Palais-Royal. After all, it is a place dedicated to leisure, and you should be ...

safe there?



Two days later, you are imprisoned in the jails of the Invalides. But the crowd is gathering in front of the doors of the military hospital and trying to break its doors. Can you escape? And why not kill two birds with one stone and steal some weapons for the Revolution in the process?



The Invalides were looted by protesters. While they were able to get cannons, powder and ammunition are still lacking. The crowd, gathered at the foot of the town hall, has asked the Councillors for them but they refused. Quickly a rumors swell. There would be some in the Bastille. And you have been selected to be part of the troop negotiating the surrender of the fortress.

Image by Zhi Xuan Hew

Do you want to truly become a Laird and enjoy Scotland's History? Stay in a breath taking medieval Castle

Image by L B

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