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Wizards in Scotland


Wand crafting workshop

We are committed to providing you with unforgettable and immersive experiences!

Due to the high demand for guided tours and the limited availability of the venue during the high season, bookings for the workshop are open from September to March only (school holidays not included). 
Please contact us if
you wish to do the activity between April and August or during school holidays.




To the wandmakers, 




Discover the hidden depths beneath surface the vaults of Edinburgh, untouched for centuries since the Great Edinburgh Fire. Step into a clandestine wand shop unlike any other, where secrets of ancient magic are waiting to be unlocked. As a fresh initiate at the Edinburgh School of Magic, your magical journey begins with the creation of your very own wand.

Choose Your Magical core

Crafting a wand is an intricate process, and the first decision is crucial – the choice of wood. Will it be the resilient oak, the supple beech, or the elusive ash? After the wood, dive into the ethereal options of crystal or fey skulls and discover the magical core that resonates with your inner magic.

Personalize Your Power

With the raw materials chosen, channel your creativity into weaving leather straps and charms for your handle. Then, breathe life into your creation with a burst of color as you paint your wand, making it an extension of your magical identity. Finish by sculpting the outside design.

Inclusions :   

  • 2h private wand crafting workshop

  • All the materials and equipment

  • 1 wand to bring home

  • Expert crafter advice


1 person - £682
2 person - £374
3 person - £346
4 person - £275
5 person - £231
6 person - £204
7 person - £189
8 person - £165

Please note, young wizards (under 18) must be 7+ and with an adult, as hot glue guns are being used (protective gloves provided).  

Contact us for groups of more than 8 people.


Dress code: 

Wear clothes you don't mind getting messy, and comfortable shoes. Cloaks, wands and hats are of course welcome! 


What to bring with you? 

Bring your confirmation, in your phone or printed to be checked by the guide .


Departure Meeting point: 

1A Parliament Square, Edinburgh EH1 1RF (enter CoDE Pod – the court).   


Additional Info: 

Look-out for our Wizard teachers, you can’t miss them, they will be wearing a green cape! 

Wand crafting workshop
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