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Wizards in Scotland


Create your own magical broom during a broom crafting workshop


To the broom wizards, 




Join a Broom Making Workshop – a bewitching experience designed for those who seek to infuse their craft with a touch of the arcane. Join us for an enchanting day of craftsmanship as we guide you through the art of creating your very own magical broom, an essential tool for any modern witch or wizard.


Introduction to Broom making:

Begin your magical journey with an introduction to the art of broom making. Learn about the various materials traditionally used to craft these magical tools. From ethically sourced hazel or chestnut branches to symbolic elements, discover how each component contributes to the energy and purpose of a broom.


Select your broom size:

  • Small brooms are about 54cm This makes them ideal for 1 hand handling and small cleaning tasks

  • Medium brooms are about 78cm. 

  • Large brooms are about 130cm. They are handled with two hands and are your traditional witch broom.


Binding and Decorative Techniques:

Delve into the craft of binding as you secure your broom's components with purpose and precision. Explore decorative techniques that allow you to personalize your broom, incorporating symbols, colors, and charms that resonate with your magical path.

Receive guidance on the practical use and maintenance of your magical broom.


No home should be fully ready with out its broom.


  • All necessary materials for broom making

  • Expert guidance from skilled instructors

  • A personalized, handcrafted magical broom to take home


Price based on size:

  • Small brooms - £70/pax 

  • Medium Brooms - £80/Pax

  • Large Brooms - £90/pax (careful, it doesn’t fit in a standard suitcase!)


All participants must be over 13 years of age, and under-18s must be accompanied by an adult.


Dress code: 



What to bring with you:

Bring your confirmation, in your phone or printed to be checked by the guide  


Meeting point: 

63 Causewayside, Newington, Edinburgh EH9 1QF

Workshop times: 

Broom making currently runs Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays from 5-6PM

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