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To your hotel/castle/event/company, 



Elevate your guests' experience with a one-of-a-kind custom treasure trail tailored to the unique history and ambiance of your  hotel, castle or event's location.

At Thunderdices, we understand the importance of creating memorable moments for your guests, and our bespoke treasure trails are the perfect way to add excitement and intrigue to their stay.

Here's how it works:

  1. On-site Exploration: Our dedicated Thunderdices staff will visit your hotel to explore and document the unique features that make your property special. From statues to clocks, trees to hidden corners, we'll capture it all through photographs and measurements.

  2. Tailored Clues and Puzzles: Armed with the insights gained during the on-site visit, we collaborate with your hotel staff to understand the nuances and history of your establishment. This allows us to craft custom clues, puzzles, and tasks that are not only challenging but also resonate with the unique character of your hotel.

  3. Draft Review: We present you with a draft treasure trail for your review. This is the perfect time to provide feedback, ensuring that the experience aligns seamlessly with your vision. Simultaneously, we finalize the list of equipment, props, and any associated booklets required for the trail.

  4. Consolidated Costs: As everything we create is bespoke, we believe in transparency. After finalizing the list of puzzles and activities, we consolidate the costs for booklets, props and equipment. This ensures that you have a clear understanding of the investment required for the one-of-a-kind treasure trail experience.

  5. Artistic Touch: Upon receiving the green light, we engage talented artists to bring the props and booklets to life. Their creative flair ensures that every piece is unique, enhancing the overall aesthetic and immersive quality of the treasure trail.

  6. Sourcing and Delivery: With the approval in place, we take care of sourcing, ordering, and delivering all the props directly to your doorstep. We manage the logistics, so you can focus on preparing for an extraordinary guest experience.

  7. Trail Execution: The treasure trail can be seamlessly integrated into your operations. Your capable staff can run the trail with our comprehensive instructions, or if you prefer, our experienced Thunderdices staff can be on-site to facilitate and enhance the guest experience.


Immerse your guests in an unforgettable adventure with Thunderdices Bespoke Treasure Trails – where every clue, puzzle, and prop is crafted exclusively for your hotel, castle or event. Elevate your guest engagement and create lasting memories with our tailor-made experiences.


  • On demand

Please note, young wizards (under 18) must be with an adult.


Dress code: 

We can can bring period costumes for the guests  


Trail Location: 

Your hotel/castle/event location   

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