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The King's Castle


Only 12 miles from Edinburgh, relax in a hidden world of luxury and exquisite opulence. In the Grand Hall, enjoy an extravagant medieval buffet with delicious carved roasts and local drinks. Sleep in one of 12 grand bedrooms with historical double beds. In the reception room, taste delicious local whisky or read a book next to the large open fire. Enjoy the castle's domain and get ready for activities such as potion making in the large stone chapel at the top of the Castle. In this 15th century keep, you will relive history. Built in 1430 by the Earl of Borthwick, the castle was Mary Queen of Scots' refuge in 1567 after she fled Holyrood. In 1650, Oliver Cromwell attacked it, and to this day you can still see where his canons hit the outer walls. Now it stands as an iconic citadel, fit to welcome new Lords for a night or a week's escapade.

Inclusions :   

  • Exclusive use of the Castle

  • Transport to/from Edinburgh

  • Catering


On-demand, starting at £20,000+VAT in low season for 1 night with exclusive use of the castle


Dress code: 



Departure Meeting point: 

Your hotel

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