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To Nessie 


Step into the magical world of Scottish tradition with our exclusive Private Ceilidh Dancing Afternoon, set in the enchanting ambiance of a historic church. This unique event promises an afternoon of lively music, dance instruction, and a celebration of camaraderie.

A Piper will welcome you on arrival. Gather your group and enter the splendid center hall, where the echoes of centuries past provide the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable Ceilidh experience.

Learn traditional Ceilidh dances, from the lively Strip the Willow to the spirited Flying Scotsman Reel, with personalized attention and expert guidance. However, no worries if you're not a skilled dancer yourself- professional dancers, passionate about sharing their love for Scottish traditions, will guide your group through the intricacies of Ceilidh dance steps. Our instructors will tailor the experience to the skill level and preferences of your group, ensuring that everyone, from beginners to seasoned dancers, feels comfortable and engaged. In any case, a ceilidh is never about high level dancing, instead the objective is to get everyone grooving and sharing a joyful community moment!

Accompanied by a live band playing authentic Scottish folk tunes, the atmosphere will be vibrant and spirited, providing the perfect soundtrack for your Ceilidh adventure.

Refreshments will be served, allowing your group to recharge and socialize amidst the rhythmic celebration.


This private event promises an afternoon filled with laughter, music, and the magic of Scottish culture – a unique and memorable experience for your group.

Duration :   1h30

Included :   

  • Bagpiper to welcome your group

  • Skilled Ceilidh dancers showing the moves

  • Live music band

  • Central location in a beautiful community church (the event itself is non religious)

  • Refreshment (alcoholic/ non-alcoholic) - 2 drinks per person included, possibility to get more from the bar

  • Contact us if you wish us to organise transport from your hotel.


  • On demand - as a ballpark, around £85/pax for 40 people

  • We can welcome up to 150 people

Please note, young highlanders (under 18) must be with an adult.

Dress code: 

Wear comfortable shoes and clothes. Bring layers you can easily take off. Kilts are of course always welcome!

Raincoats or umbrellas are recommended. 


What to bring with you? 

Bring your confirmation, in your phone or printed to be checked by the guide  

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