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We are looking for English, French, Chinese, Korean or Japanese speaking staff



Do you want to tell stories? Are you a fan of Harry Potter? Do you have an investigative and curious spirit? Do you love theatrical visits? Then join us!

Thunderdices is a young company of storytellers based in Edinburgh. Our credo is to share Scottish tales and stories with local and international visitors who are curious about new immersive and/or theatrical experiences. We work hand in hand with several tour guides and partners here in Edinburgh but also in France and internationally.

We are looking for people who want to experiment with the art of guiding and storytelling. Come and grow with us and allow us to expand our group of passionate guides who are looking to thrive after two difficult years of pandemic. With the high season coming this Summer, the demands are increasing and it is now time for us to welcome new members!


What will your job look like?

We are looking for three different profiles (but hey, you may fit all of them!)

1/ Tour guide

No need for an extensive background in guiding, just a love for history and storytelling, and the willingness to train yourself to become a tour guide.

Pending on your area of interest and your availability, we will train you on the following tours: The Edinburgh of JK Rowling, The Edinburgh of Sherlock Holmes and Conan Doyle, Edinburgh: Strange and Secret History, Edinburgh: History, Murder, and Everyday Life in Old Town,  Edinburgh: Romanticism and Georgian Era.

2/ Alchemy Workshop Lead

If you love theatre and are not afraid of chemistry experiments, this is the role for you! You will lead fun flame filled chemistry experiments as an Alchemy teacher for magical students (adults and kids). From setting-up the workshop space, “tale-ing” the story and leading the experiments in an engaging way, to cleaning-up after the workshop, you will truly become a Potion Master.

3/ Game Master

Do you like D&D? Are you passionate about DMing and creating immersive stories? If you love improv theatre, this is the job for you. You will Game-Master two different stories: historical adventures to teach our clients about the Jacobite history, or quests to rescue the wizarding world!

Set-up the table, bring-out the bubbling cauldron, and roll the dice with your adventuring group.


Ensuring that you are trained and feel ready for our tours and activities is key for us. Before your first workshop or guided tour, we will provide you with scripts with step by step details, and multiple dry runs (paid of course!).


The profiles we are looking for :

  • Knowledge of the area (Scotland and more specifically Edinburgh)

  • Adaptability

  • Creativity and ability to create compelling improv stories

  • Friendly and smiley

  • Self-reliance and resourcefulness

  • Being comfortable in public speaking

  • But most of all, curious to learn and happy to share !


Pay:  £30 per hour / sole-trader status, or willingness to set-up as a sole-trader

Not full-time - when a new booking comes-in we will contact you. Are you a single mother/father only available in the mornings? A student available late at night? Or a professional available only during the weekends? If you have the right profile and energy, and a regular schedule, we can adapt to your availability.


Please send us your CV (with your hobbies) and cover letter with your spoken language(s), your preferred role in the 3 stated above, and a description of your personality and your ability to narrate/improv interactive stories by email to:

To apply you must be 21 years minimum and allowed to work in the UK.


Deadline to apply : Sunday 10th of July 2022


Our Company:

At Thunderdices we offer off the beaten path immersive adventures. Beyond simply sharing the history of a location, we bring our guests into the story with us by using gamification tools. Our staff are all both actors and guides, creating for our clients interactive theatre experiences showcasing Scottish History and legends. 

To foster immersion, we work in exceptional locations such as castles, underground prisons, or caves, and use set design, costumes, roleplaying games, puzzles, experimentation, music and more. Our approach to luxury service is based on offering experiences built with artists, in stunning locations and with end-to-end customer support. From a whole wizard day where our guests will create their own potion, and visit Edinburgh while defeating a Dark Lord, to a high fantasy medieval castle stay with fire breathers and falconry, our guests will live an unforgettable and unique adventure.

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