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We are looking for staff to join us in showcasing Edinburgh and its history in English : 


Do you want to tell stories? Are you a fan of Harry Potter? Do you have an investigative and curious spirit? Do you love theatrical visits? Then join us! 

Thunderdices is a young company of storytellers based in Edinburgh. Our credo is to share Scottish tales and stories with local and international visitors who are curious about new immersive and/or theatrical experiences. We work hand in hand with several tour guides and partners here in Edinburgh but also in France and internationally. 

We’re not necessarily looking for people with years of guiding experience – first and foremost, we are looking for people who love storytelling – and we’ll take care of the rest and make sure you’re properly trained for the historical content. Do you have a background in theatre or improv? As a Game Master for D&D games? Are you someone who loves creating adventures for your kids? 

We are looking for people who want to experiment with the art of guiding and storytelling. Come and grow with us and allow us to expand our group of passionate guides. 

What will your job look like? 

Pending on your area of interest, we will train you on the following tours:  

  • Sherlock Holmes guided tour 

  • Wizardry guided tour 

  • Edinburgh Castle guided tour 

  • History of Edinburgh guided tour – adult 

  • History of Edinburgh guided tour – for children 

  • D&D Game Master 

Each tour lasts between 2 and 3 hours. Ensuring that you are trained and feel ready for our tours and activities is key for us. Before your first workshop or guided tour, we will provide you with scripts with step by step details, and multiple dry runs (paid of course!). 

We will then create a profile for you on our website matching your availability. Are you a single mother/father only available in the mornings? A student available late at night? Or a professional available only during the weekends? If you have the right profile and energy, we will adapt to your schedule. 


The profiles we are looking for: 

  • Being comfortable in public speaking  

  • Creativity and ability to create compelling improv stories 

  • Knowledge of the area (Scotland and more specifically Edinburgh) 

  • Willingness to learn the content of the tour and make it your own 

  • Friendly and full of smiles 

  • Self-reliance and resourcefulness 

  • But most of all, curious to learn and happy to share ! 

Things which are not required (at all!), but are a plus: 

  • If you like being a guide but also crafting, don’t hesitate to apply to become a wand crafter workshop lead as well 

  • If you also speak French, that’s a plus, but not at all mandatory 


Pay:  Freelance position – when we confirm a tour with you, you will be paid based on the duration of your tour from £30 per hour. Note that you must have a freelance status, or willingness to set-up as a sole-trader (we can help!). 


Work hours: We are fairly flexible and will adapt to your schedule in terms of tours – however, you must live in or around Edinburgh over the period April to August 2024, and must be open to at least 1 tour per week. Note that if you are looking for more tours we can book you up to a part time equivalent but also if you want to do only your 1 tour that’s fine.  

Next steps for you: Please send us your CV (with your hobbies because who you are is not just about your professional life) and cover letter with what you like, your personality and your capacity to narrate interactive stories by email to: 

To apply you must be 21 years minimum and allowed to work in the UK. 

Deadline to apply: Sunday 17th March 2024 

Our Company: 

At Thunderdices we offer off the beaten path immersive adventures. Beyond simply sharing the history of a location, we bring our guests into the story with us by using gamification tools. Our staff are all both actors and guides, creating for our clients interactive guided experiences showcasing Scottish History and legends.  

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