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Where to get an ice-cream in Edinburgh

Hello dear Readers and Curious Visitors !

It's summer! And it's hot even here in Edinburgh! ☀️☀️

After a long walk through the streets of the city discovering its history and monuments, what better way to relax than in a park or wandering in town with a nice ice cream?

Here's a guide to help you finding your way to the icy reward! 🍦🍨🍧☀️🧊

First, a few good addresses in the city centre for a fresh and sweet break:

- Gladstone's Land ice-cream parlour: A historic building from the 17th century, it is now an ice cream parlour run by the National Trust for Scotland

The + : its location on the Royale Mile in a historic building that you can visit and an impressive number of flavours !

- Mary's Milk Bar: The must-go in Edinburgh, there is always a queue but you'll see it's worth it!

The +: a selection that changes every day for more and more surprises!

- Over Langshaw Farmhouse Ice Cream: Below Victoria Street at the entrance to Grassmarket this ice cream parlour is ideal for those who want to walk around with an ice cream in hand!

The + : don't look for a shop, this ice cream parlour is in a police box!

For the more courageous who wish to wander outside the historic centre and discover new areas:

- S Luca: a very good ice cream parlour in the heart of a charming and lively area called Morningside where you will meet many locals on the way!

Address : 16 Morningside Rd, Edinburgh EH10 4DB

But among all these perfumes it is difficult to make a choice!

If you want to taste something truly Scottish, this list is for you :

- Scottish Tablet Ice-cream (really REALLY sweet)

- Fudge Ice-cream (Sugar, cream, a slight taste of caramel, you would think you were in Brittany!)

- Traditional Dairy Ice-cream (you can never go wrong with the classics)

- Seasalt Chocolate (we are on an island after all)

- Strawberry (Strawberries here are delicious)

- Irn Bru sorbet (yes... like the the drink)

Or maybe you would like to try local's favourites instead?

- 99 Flake a classic British cone ice-cream to have in Summer - some peoplesay that it comes from Portobello next to Edinburgh

- Mint choc chip - I never understood the combo mint and chocolate but I'm the only one apparently !

- Strawberry or Raspberry ripple (yummy)

- And for children: Bubblegum of course! The neon blue colour will make many adults sceptical but not children!

Vegan or dairy free alternative? Edinburgh offers a lot of choice! I recommend the raspberry sorbets, a real treat! The weather in Scotland may not always allow for orchards and vegetable gardens to be as varied as in the South, but the berries and red fruits are delicious!

It is rare to find them but for chocolate lovers, the dairy-free alternative exists! Chocolate sorbet will stain your shirts, trousers and skirts to the delight of our lips !


My favourite? Honey! 🐝🍯

But when I get the chance to find it, I go for the lavender ice cream! I see you raising your eyebrows! I assure you it's delicious and it goes perfectly with a scoop of vanilla or honey! I think my childhood spent in south of France must have something to do with it...

See you soon for new stories !

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