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We are the Champions! 🏆

Updated: May 30, 2022

I have the pleasure, I mean the great honour to announce that we are the winners of the Award Travel & Hospitality 2022 :

Several weeks ago (in April), we received an email informing that Thunderdices has been nominated for the Travel & Hospitality Awards 2022. Surprised and incredulous, we hesitated between a hoax or a mistake, but no, it was indeed an official appointment, maybe a sign for our efforts?

Fired up with this news, we filled in the online form but did not expect anything more, already happy to have been found and then recognised by this nomination.

Thursday 5th of May : WE WON!!! 🎉🥇🎉🥇🎉🥳

No, you're not dreaming, despite our company's young age in Scottish tourism, we have been selected as winners for Innovative Experience category of the Year 2022 for Scotland.

We know that titles don't always mean quality, but we're really proud that our crazy plans to offer you new, fun and immersive approaches have been able to reach tourism professionals. This makes us want more than ever to create and offer you the best ways to discover or rediscover Edinburgh, Scotland and its stories.

Thank you all for your support and we hope to see you soon for more tours, workshops and adventures!

This is only the beginning!

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