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Who are we ?

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

Hello dear Readers and curious Visitors!

I've only just started blogging again and I'm already an hour away from my deadline for my weekly article! Fairies of inspiration come to me!!!! ✨✨

Well, I think it's best to start casually with a subject that I had put away in my drawers but that I think is important to bring out for the occasion!

Indeed, it's already been more than a year since I crossed Marie's path and we decided to join forces in these difficult times to work together but I realise that I am still unknown to the general public of Thunderdices!

So let me introduce ourselves:

My name is Althea, French guide by passion, film-lover in my spare time and defender of the arts. I like to think of myself as an apprentice historian with some of Jamy's mimics from C'est Pas Sorcier that French people who have watched as much TV as I do will recognize (if you don't know this programme, go watch an episode!).

No stage name yet but storyteller and player's name yes : Fhedora 🐸 that I will introduce to you undoubtedly between many stories of RPG and tours with my beautiful band of guides in Edinburgh and experienced players in France.

After travelling all over France to present its history and monument as a Tour Guide, I decided to settle down in Scotland to work with the French guide Karine who introduced me to the history and secrets of Edinburgh before making an impromptu encounter with a certain storyteller and game master, Marie!

But who is Marie 🐱? If you haven't had the chance to follow her on a visit or to go on a campaign during an RPG session, don't hesitate! Marie is a born storyteller with a vivid imagination. With over 8 years experience, she loves to share fun and friendly moments with her groups. Marie has always had a passion for role-playing, theatre and storytelling. Six years ago, she decided to leave Paris to walk around Scotland - and to write a book along the way. On the road, she discovered the history and the powerful wilderness of Scotland. Fascinated, she decided to leave everything behind to become a guide in a castle in Fife. She now lives in Edinburgh and decided to found Thunderdices to live more adventures with as many people as possible!


What about Thunderdices? ⚡️⚡️

At Thunderdices we offer off the beaten path immersive adventures. Beyond simply sharing the history of a location, we want to bring you into the story with us by using gamification tools. Our goal is to create for you interactive theater experiences showcasing Scottish History and legends. To foster immersion, we are lucky to work in exceptional locations such as medieval castles, underground prisons, or caves, and use set design, costumes, roleplaying games, puzzles, experimentation, music and more. Our approach is based on offering experiences built with artists, in stunning locations and with end-to-end visitor support. From a whole wizard day where our guests will create their own potion, and visit Edinburgh while defeating a Dark Lord, to a medieval castle stay with fire breathers and falconry, our guests will live an unforgettable and unique adventure.

After this long introduction I'll see you next week for more articles and stories!


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