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Best views of Edinburgh Castle

Hello dear Readers and curious Visitors

I know, I know... It has been a while since I last wrote....

Last week Marie and I were busy looking for new, talented and passionate tour guides and storytellers to join our young and growing family!

But no more chit-chat, I'm sure today's topic will be of interest to many!

Best views of Edinburgh Castle

Overlooking the capital from its elevated position, Edinburgh Castle can be seen in many parts of the city. Built on top of the hill, the fortress holds many secrets and treasures...

But what are the best places to have a coffee break with a breathtaking view ?

Let me introduce you to my three favourite places.

Waterstones Café

Even in July it can be grey and chilly, so there's no better place to sip a hot (or cold) drink and enjoy the view of the Castle and Princes Street surrounded by books than the Waterstones Café.

Waterstones is a bookshop on the city's main shopping street, between its shelves and its beautiful wooden staircase lies a café that offers a breathtaking view in a cosy atmosphere.

British literature is rich, between the interactions of Jane Austen's characters, the spells of Metamorphoses taught by Professor McGonagall and the analyses of the detective Sherlock Holmes, there is plenty to read and to be carried away in many plots. Perhaps the view of the castle will inspire me to do some adventures or investigations for my next guided tours or role plays?

The Must : Looking around for a new book before reading its first pages with a nice cup of tea while enjoying the view on a rainy day.



Unmissable place in the Old Town and now a popular tourist attraction for its many bars and restaurants (some of which date back to the 16th century), the Grassmarket is one of our favourite stops to tell the story of Edinburgh and its people. However, when you go there, you are quickly attracted by the many terraces, there are so many that you often forget that at the end of this unique square, you have one of the most beautiful views of the castle! At the end around the corner, you can see the rock where the castle stands. If the weather is warm and sunny enough you will see people lying on the grass, enjoying a little nap or picnic while the old fortress is watching over them... After stopping by a coffee shop on Grassmarket, just walk a little further to enjoy the view !


Princes Street Garden

Below the hill not far from Waterstones, which I mentioned earlier, come and stroll in Princes Street Garden, despite the weather and scary dark clouds as you can see on the pictures (they are harmless). For the curious ones, you will find many sculptures about people and events that have marked Edinburgh, but it is of course the castle that catches our eye!

In the heart of the city centre, these public gardens are a real nature break that will allow you to recharge your batteries before setting off to discover the city and its monuments.

The Must : Have a take away coffee or tea at the entrance of the park at Castle Coffee for instance and sit on a bench or the grass to enjoy the view, with a bit of luck it will be sunny!

See you soon for more stories about Edinburgh !

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