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Summer is coming

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

Hello dear Readers and curious Visitors

I don't know for you but Summer for me has always been synonym with sunny weather, picnics, journeys to unknown lands, homemade ice tea, straw hats and lying on the grass.

Today I've decided to talk about the future... but not just any one, the company's.

No, no crystal ball, and nothing too serious either. Today we are celebrating the arrival of the warm weather, the increasing number of bookings, the desire for travel and adventure ! ☀️🔥👒

I called it "What's new?", very original right ?

And I'm not going to be alone today, we have a co-author: please welcome Marie! 🐱

Marie: Hello everyone!

What's new... very good question Althea! The answer: many things! After Covid it feels like such a breath of fresh air to welcome guests to Scotland again 🥰 Meeting new people, sharing our beautiful Scottish history and little by little growing our young company - spring has truly felt like a dream 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿⛰️🍻

We restarted the blog and our Instagram/Facebook with always more content about the secrets of Edinburgh and Scotland.

You may have noticed but we have a new booking system live on our website and you are now only one click away from your next potion workshop or Harry Potter guided tour in Edinburgh - what a fight this has been! When you throw two creatives in the IT ring, the learning curve is steep!

We have also started our first public tour where you'll be able to discover at a low price point every Sunday the secrets of Edinburgh and how they influenced Conan Doyle when he wrote Sherlock Holmes.

Our potion workshop also got a makeover with new comfortable seating being installed and a brand new beer tasting area. I mean, who wouldn't want to try some local craft beers and whisky while enjoying an immersive story?

Last but not least, we are hiring! Soon you'll be able to enjoy our tours in Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

So a busy spring and many more projects ahead! And in the meanwhile, Slàinte Mhath everyone, and let's share together the heat wave we're currently enjoying in beautiful Scotland 😎☀️🥂

Ideas for the future:

- Create a whole new historical game, maybe the XIXth century and the romanticism period? Or the Middle Ages?

- Twitch / Youtube channel

- Wardrobe : always more costumes

- And more to come !

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