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bespoke murder mystery edinburgh


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To your hotel/castle/event/company, 



Elevate your guests' experience with a one-of-a-kind custom murder mystery tailored to the unique history and ambiance of your  hotel, castle or event's location. At Thunderdices, we understand that each location is special, and we're here to transform it into a thrilling setting for an unforgettable event.


Our process begins with a dedicated Thunderdices staff visiting your premises. Armed with creativity and a keen eye for detail, they'll explore different locations within your hotel, capturing images of distinctive features such as statues, clocks, trees, and more. This on-site reconnaissance is crucial for crafting bespoke clues, puzzles, and tasks that seamlessly integrate with your hotel's surroundings.

Collaboration is key, and we engage in in-depth discussions with your hotel staff to capture the essence of your establishment. Together, we'll brainstorm ideas and preferences to ensure the murder mystery aligns perfectly with your vision.

Once armed with inspiration and insights, our team will craft a draft murder mystery for your review. This stage allows us to refine the storyline and make any necessary adjustments to guarantee an immersive and engaging experience.

Prop development

Every good murder needs a murder weapon. As part of our commitment to personalization, we prefer to consolidate the costs for props and equipment after finalizing the list of puzzles and activities. This ensures that every element is tailored to perfection, and we can provide you with a comprehensive overview of associated expenses.

With your approval, Thunderdices springs into action. We collaborate with skilled artists to create bespoke props that bring the mystery to life. Following the Go/No Go decision, we source, order, and meticulously deliver all the props directly to your doorstep.

Murder mystery 

During the Murder mystery to add realism and excitement, Thunderdices brings in trained actors to portray key characters. These skilled performers enhance the atmosphere, immersing your guests in an interactive and authentic theatrical experience.

Choose Thunderdices for a murder mystery experience immersing your guests in a world of intrigue and excitement. Make your  events truly special with our bespoke murder mystery service – where every clue, puzzle, and prop is crafted exclusively for you. 


  • On demand

Please note, young wizards (under 18) must be with an adult.


Dress code: 

We can can bring period costumes for the guests  


Murder Mystery Location: 

Your hotel/castle/event location   

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