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D&D, immersive stories and Gamer Holidays

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Traveller's Tales: Your D&D Experience at home/in your hotel


To your home castle



Do you want to game from the comfort of your home or hotel? We'll bring the game to you!

Why choose our Traveller's Tales?

  1. Full-Service Experience: Enjoy the convenience of a full-service experience. We bring the props, our TV to project animated maps, music, dice and a great DM so you can enjoy all the perks of a game without bothering about the admin. We'll create for you a seamless and stress-free environment for you and your party to fully enjoy the adventure.

  2. Tailored Campaigns: Your Dungeon Master will work with you to create a tailored campaign, ensuring that your adventure aligns perfectly with the desires and dynamics of your party. From thrilling quests to intricate storylines, every detail is crafted to make your session truly unique.

Inclusions :   

  • 3 to 4h game with a Thunderdices DM

  • 1 Drink (pinte of beer / soft/whisky)

  • Snacks


  • 1 player - £243 per person

  • 2 players - £123 pp

  • 3 players - £86 pp

  • 4 players - £68 pp

  • 5 players - £60 pp

  • 6 players - £50 pp

  • 7 to 10  players - £45 pp

  • Taxi to/from the venue for the DM


Please note:

  1. young wizards (under 18) must be  with an adult and 7+.  

  2. The prices above apply if you select a storyline from our Thunderdices catalogue

  3. A £350 surcharge will apply if we create a bespoke game for you

  4. For a  £400 add-on we can bring 2 live musicians for a 1h live set during your game. A great experience for a true tavern feel or an epic boss fight

  5. An additional surcharge may apply for games located more than 40mn from the Edinburgh city-centre


Dress code: 

Wear something comfortable you can move in. Cape, swords and magical staffs are of course welcome.


What to bring with you? 

Bring your confirmation, in your phone or printed to be checked by the guide  


Departure Meeting point: 

Your home or hotel 

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