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The Medieval Castle


Discover this impressive 11th century castle, lost in the countryside. Enjoy discovering the secrets of the castle, including its hidden trap doors, wide-open gaming spaces with an open beam ceiling, large fireplace, and a 15m well at its centre. Climb to the top of its walls for a stunning view of the Scottish countryside and nearby rivers, and watch out for any approaching dragon or enemy! Perhaps you can fend them off with the bows and arrows the castle used to make for the French army.

The castle sleeps two in the gorgeous bedroom where Mary Stuart Queen of Scots lived and comes with a fully-furnished kitchen for groups wanting to stay only the day. Up to 70+ people can game in the different rooms of the castle, and nearby hotels are available to accommodate large groups. We can create for you a bespoke experience including catering in the tapestry room with a full medieval banquet, exciting activities (see our catalogue below), and transportation from Edinburgh.

Inclusions :   

  • Exclusive use of the Castle

  • Transport to/from Edinburgh

  • Catering


On-demand, starting at £1250+VAT in low season with exclusive use of the castle


Dress code: 



Departure Meeting point: 

Your hotel

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